The Scottish Lodge

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Scotland has become one of those places for me: a destination I dream of night and day. I want to wander through the heather, seek out fairy pools, explore crumbling castles, and eat fish by the coast. There are several Scottish names in my family tree . . . the added allure of retracing my ancestors’ steps gives me an even bigger desire to see the land for myself. Not to mention one of my favorite poets, Robert Burns, was a through-and-through Scotsman. *sigh-of-delight



Ev’n then a wish (I mind its power)

A wish, that to my latest hour

Shall strongly heave my breast;

That I for poor auld Scotland’s sake

Some useful plan, or book could make,

Or sing a sang at least.




Kisimul Castle in the Outer Hebrides. Click on image to learn more about Kisimul.


Scotland, for me, is a place filled with magic. Perhaps I should never go there so that I can never be disappointed. However, it is quite difficult to disappoint me, and I think I would find it to be overwhelmingly magical anyway.


My idea for the Scottish section of my shop is the explore the ever bountiful Scottish hunting lodge. This particular fascination for me begins with the symbolic white stag, a staple of Celtic mythology. Then, after the introduction of the character Rose on Downton Abbey at her family’s Scottish home, I knew that this was the direction I wished to take this section.


For the Scottish section the materials and ideas I will be focus on are hunting, tartan, leather, wool, wood, stags, pheasants, unicorns, mountains, pewter, and the colors red, navy, green and brown. Here is another selection of images I have found which at least lean toward what I have in mind:


Image from The Lady In Tweed. Click the image to see more from this Tumblr page.
Image of the interior of The Royal Scotsman from Linda Merrill’s blog. Click the image to see more from her site.
Image from “The Elysian Fields…”. Click image for more from this Tumblr site.
Image from Decor Design Review. Click image for more from this Tumblr site.
Image from Vendome Press’ Flickr. Click image to see more from their site.

Let me know your thoughts or ideas!