How To Make The Ultimate Udder Balm Recipe of A Lifetime [For Your Hands!]

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The Best Darn Udder Balm Your Hands Will Ever MeetMake Your Own Udder Balm for Your Hands from Countryside Romantic


In the winter I worked for an equine rescue. Between the freezing cold temperatures at night, and the super hot water we offered to the horses, my hands were left a wreck. Though that may sound low and petty, it’s pretty hard to do a physical job in the cold when your hands are cracked and bleeding, or forming strange heat blisters from the drastic hot to cold changes. Plus, as an artist, my hands are very important to me. This may have been one of my first real lessons in self-care: give your body a little relief now, so you don’t end up being the reason people say “blood and tears”.


I may not have even learned this lesson, had I not stumbled upon essential oil and herbalism posts on Pinterest. I read [somewhere] that udder balm was just the thing I needed. Then, simply searched for recipes, et voila, had hundreds at my fingertips. I went out and bought the ingredients like a good little girl, and got to work.


As I talked about in my previous post – Begin Your Homestead Journey Even As A Renter – learning some skills and crafts is one of the best ways to increase your self-sufficiency no matter where you are in life. This was one of my very first projects of creating my own medicine. And I’m so glad I started here.


Make Your Own Udder Balm for Your Hands from Countryside Romantic
Mmm… look how creamy it is. Just stays right in that can despite being at a 90 degree angle…


Once I put that balm on my hands, I couldn’t stop. I giddily rubbed it on every exposed inch of my body, soaking in the oils, breathing in the mint. I was in love. Head over heals. Stupidly. I then turned to Evan, my partner in all of these shenanigans, and asked if I could put some on him. He obliged, skeptically, and a bit cautious of showing said skepticism because he knows how that state of excitement I was in can spiral out of control (well, who can contain all of the possibilities in those moments??? Who could blame me if I want to then get up and make ALL THE THINGS?). But he had the exact same reaction. Rubbed it everywhere. Fell in love. So forth.


Needless to say, though neither of us have udders, we greatly enjoyed the concoction. The recipe I’m about to share with you made way more than I intended … so, happily, I gave some to anyone who would take it! Share, people. Share.


Without further introduction, I give you: The Udder Balm Recipe of A Lifetime (adapted from Faulk Farmstead).


Make Your Own Udder Balm for Your Hands from Countryside Romantic
Look at all of that regular ol’ equipment I used to make this! I just love when nothing fancy is needed.



½ c Coconut Oil

½ c Shea Butter

10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

20 drops Tea Tree EO

20 drops Lavender EO

10 drops Rosemary EO


Note on the essential oils: If you don’t have all of these oils or if you have others you would like to add for scent, I hereby give you permission to get freaky. All of the listed EO there work similarly as antiseptics. This is what I liked. I like the idea of doing one with clove for the winter time, and one with lemon for the summer! Hey. That’s my idea.




  1. Melt together the coconut oil and shea butter. I’m fairly certain I used the microwave. You could also use a double boiler as the recipe I got this from suggests. Heat until just combined and creamy!
  2. Whip the coconut oil and shea butter with a mixer. This, from what I hear, is the essential part that somehow transforms the oil and butter into something that can be absorbed more easily into your skin.
  3. Stir in the essential oils, and scoop your new best friend into some container(s). Enjoy!


Make Your Own Udder Balm for Your Hands from Countryside Romantic

Let me know your thoughts or ideas!