About Me

Welcome to the Countryside Romantic! 

Countryside Romantic began with the purpose of delivering my homesteading/sustainability journey to those who are interested in getting started with a new, more sustainable lifestyle. I am not a seasoned grower of plants, a gifted nurturer of animals, nor an especially eco-friendly person (just yet). But I want to be, and I want to help others move in that direction, too.

I graduated with an MFA in 2016. Though this makes me less qualified to plant seeds than it does to plant ideas, I don’t really see the difference in creating a work of art versus creating a garden and a life imbued with my values. Changing your lifestyle is less about being born with skills and more about giving thought to your actions. Skills can be acquired!

As the name suggests, I’m a bit of a romantic. This also implies my idealism. I believe that a culture that encourages self-reliance is more sustainable than one that encourages system-reliance. Does this mean I think everyone should have to fend for themselves? What! No! What’s life without those close, beloved people you can count on?? At the same time, I do not like the idea of my existence depending on the support of others. I love choice! And I hope you will choose to learn and grow with me as I learn the ropes, make [tons of] mistakes, and accept my vast potential for taking care of myself and my family. What could go wrong?